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Every educator engages in effective professional learning every day so that every student achieves.
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Scholarship Opportunities for You To Consider
Scholarship and Grant Opportunities
The Learning Forward Foundation is pleased to announce that scholarship and grant applications are now available!
This year the foundation is adding a new scholarship honoring Stephanie Hirsh, outgoing executive director. The Stephanie Hirsh Academy Scholarship honors her leadership of Learning Forward as executive director from 2008 – 2019 and in the deputy executive director role for the 20 years prior. Stephanie was instrumental in the founding of the Learning Forward Academy and coached early Academy classes.

Application deadline is March 15.
If you are applying for an Academy scholarship, you must also submit a separate application
to the Academy by March 15.
Learning Forward Foundation Academy Scholarships develop leaders in professional learning through their participation in the Learning Forward Academy. The following scholarships are now available:
  • Stephanie Hirsh Academy Scholarship (includes $500 travel stipend for each of five academy sessions)
  • Learning Forward Foundation Scholarship for a School-based Leader
  • Learning Forward Foundation Scholarship for a District-based or State Education Leader
  • Patsy Hochman Memorial Scholarship for a School- or District-based Professional Learning Leader in Texas
The Learning Forward Affiliate Grant offers up to $2,000 for one year to assist a Learning Forward affiliate needing to rebuild, reorganize, or generate a stronger organization. The grant will honor Dale Hair’s legacy of work with the affiliates and her passion for supporting the successful work of the affiliates.

Register now for this month’s two-part webinar series focused on transforming professional learning using an innovative design process. These two webinars will feature 2Revolutions, an education design lab that rethinks the future of schools and the education system. Read more about the upcoming webinars below.
Adam Rubin, Founder and Partner of 2Revolutions and Meaghan Foster, Consultant at 2RevolutionsGetting Started: Designing Next Generation Professional Learning
Thursday, February 21, 2019, 3 p.m. Eastern
It’s difficult for educators to teach in ways they haven’t been taught. If we want educators to design next generation learning experiences for students, they need to know what it feels like as learners. There’s significant evidence that our existing professional development structures are not meeting the needs of educators or students. What would it look like if we transformed the traditional model of professional development into something much more flexible, engaging, and effective -- mirroring the types of experiences we want to cultivate for students? This webinar invites you to rethink professional development by playing an interactive game.

Adam Rubin, Founder and Partner of 2Revolutions
Meaghan Foster, Consultant at 2Revolutions

Adam Rubin, Founder and Partner of 2Revolutions and Meaghan Foster, Consultant at 2RevolutionsTaking the Next Step: Implementing Next Generation Professional Learning
Thursday, February 28, 2019, 3 p.m. Eastern
If you’re ready to reimagine professional learning in your school or district but not sure where to start, this webinar is designed to spark inspiration and help set you on your path. You’ll learn from educators across the country who are currently implementing innovative professional learning models and have the chance to ask questions about their experience. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore a free toolkit of resources that can support your implementation and learn from the practitioners about how they are using these resources to transform professional learning. This webinar is a continuation of the previous week’s webinar, Getting Started: Designing Next Generation Professional Learning, however no prior experience is required.

Adam Rubin, Founder and Partner of 2Revolutions
Meaghan Foster, Consultant at 2Revolutions

Other Learning Opportunities
Creating Cultures of Equity and Excellence For All Conferences


Engagement Coaching Tribe: Learning Forward Maryland has partnered with Anne Arundel Community College to provide 9 training sessions toward becoming a certified engagement coach. With a universal focus on social emotional wellness in education, building a skill set to help people look inward to reflect and grow is more important than ever. Come join Coach Extraordinaire, Jen Lara, our guide in growing ourselves to grow others. The attached flyer details the cost and process for registration. Have any questions? Please contact Janis Siegel | (410-777-2297) OR Janine Bailey | (410-777-2942).

Jen Abrams with LFMD President and Team Member

Learning Forward Maryland and Common Ground will bring Jen Abrams to Maryland for Common Ground's annual pre-conference on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at the Ocean City Convention Center. Jen is an international consultant and speaker as well as a master coach and author of several books including: Having Difficult Conversations, Hard Conversations Unpacked and The Mutli-Generational Workplace. Jen's new book, Swimming in the Deep End, will be released in 2019. The cost for this amazing speaker is only $89.00 and includes a boxed lunch. You can sign up for the pre-conference on the Common Ground MD website at http://www.commongroundmd.org. We look forward to seeing you there!
Educational Systems Federal Credit Union
Learning Forward Maryland is thankful for the sponsorship of the Educational Systems Federal Credit Union -
our partner in providing leadership and support for the professional learning needs and development of educators throughout Maryland.

CORE Education
Core Education, LLC is an independent consulting firm specializing in teacher effectiveness.
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