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Common Ground Pre-Conference
You Matter! Angela Maiers
Angela Maiers
Leader. Visionary. Disruptor. Change Maker.

Pre-Conference Event: May 2, 2018

Angela Maiers


As teachers, leaders and parents...we understand the power of relationships. The power of relationships lies in a simple, yet profound notion: helping others understand how they matter. Many times in our respective roles, we focus so much on helping others understand how they matter, and we can lose sight of now much we do. This notion of "mattering fatigue" exists, and it can deplete our ability to help others understand how important they are in the lives of others.

Enter, Angela Maiers, international expert on mattering. Angela will unleash the power of mattering and will inspire and rejuvenate your relational engine. Come to her pre-conference session at Common Ground 2018 to learn more about why and how you matter in your organization and in the lives of others. Experience a process through which you will get in touch with your own core values. Learn strategies to help others understand how they matter. Combat "matter fatigue" head-on in this powerful pre-conference event. For only $79.00, you can connect with an expert and yourself so you can better connect with others.

  1. Mattering Is the Agenda
  2. Genius Matters
  3. Passion Matters
  4. How Big Is Your Brave

Maryland Assessment Group Bright Bytes McGraw Hill Education
LF's Executive Director
Stephanie HirshWe had a productive board meeting in Denver and look forward to sharing our strategic plan priorities after follow up with staff this month. I also was honored to meet new and ongoing Academy members, talk to our committed affiliate leaders, and work with several passionate learners at our summer institutes. ...read more

Learning Opportunities
Common Ground Conference
May 3 – May 4, 2018
Ocean City, MD | Ocean City Convention Center

Learn. Grow. Share. Join education colleagues from across the state and surrounding areas for the sixth annual Common Ground, Maryland's top professional development event of the year. Thought-provoking speakers, inspiring sessions and demonstrations of the latest products and services will provide you the 21st century know-how you need.

Together, fifteen non-profit educational organizations are focused on creating an unforgettable learning experience rich in innovative ideas, best practices and sharing what works. Don't miss this opportunity to join your fellow educators and be teaching, leading, and learning in the digital age!
Quality Instruction ~ Quality Leadership ~ Quality Schools
2018 UbD Summer Conference
June 26 – 28, 2018 | Columbia, MD
Jay McTigheJoin Jay McTighe, co-author of the Understanding by Design Framework®, in summer workshops to explore and apply the key ideas of UbD.
How can you design curriculum and learning experiences that make it more likely that students will understand the "big ideas" of content and be able to apply them in meaningful ways? Since 1998, thousands of educators globally, have used the Understanding by Design (UbD) Framework® to answer that question and create more rigorous and engaging curricula. Workshop participants will apply a set of practical and proven design tools and templates to create or refine a unit of study.
Educational Systems FCU
High School Senior Scholarships & Professional Development Award for Educators
Educational Systems FCU is honored to support educators and students who continually strive to learn and grow. I am pleased to announce that once again, Educational Systems FCU will be awarding a $3,000 Dorothy Marvil Memorial Scholarship to a college-bound high school senior; a $500 Business Management and Finance Scholarship to a graduating high school senior who has completed all of the Business Management and Finance course requirements; and a $1,000 Maurice Erly Professional Development Award to educators continuing their education.

Learn more: 2017 High School Scholarships
Learn more: Maurice Erly Professional Development Award
Educational Systems Federal Credit Union
Learning Forward Maryland is thankful for the sponsorship of the Educational Systems Federal Credit Union -
our partner in providing leadership and support for the professional learning needs and development of educators throughout Maryland.

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Coach, Communicate, Collaborate: Everybody Needs a Coach!
Peer coaching allows an educator to reflect on their own practice in an informal non-evaluative process with a colleague. Working collaboratively with a peer provide an opportunity for discussion and growth for the educator.
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